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This wiki is made available thanks to support from Beterra Health. As our web site says, Beterra exists to simplify the collection, analysis, and use of healthcare performance data in order to accelerate improvement. As part of this, we are growing the company with deliberate attention to making sure that all parts of our operations are aligned with our Vision and Mission. This wiki is part of Engineering's approach to conscious, continuous improvement.

The wiki itself is an idiosyncratic collection of resources that may be of interest to software developers, with a few other odds and ends. Much of this content was originally collected by Mike Gunderloy as part of his daily postings to A Fresh Cup.

If the Beterra mission resonates with you, and you'd like us to keep you in mind for future job openings, feel free to email us at engineering [at] Be sure to tell us a bit about your career and why Beterra interests you.

These are not intended to be exhaustive surveys. Rather, they are curated collections of related links.

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